To Russell Houghton Emmerson


[MS in Finney Papers, Supplement # 177]


Russell Houghton Emmerson was the husband of Captain John Moody's eldest daughter, Mary.


Oberlin O. 6th. Oct 1874

R Emmerson Esqr

Dear Br. Br. Joseph Adams

informs me that you are

struggling against freemasonry

I am happy to hear it.

I send you by to days mail

my little work on that subject

the truthfulness of which you

may rely upon. Did I not

know it to be true I should

think it incredible that minis

ters of the gospel should coun

tenance such an abominable


I learn from Joseph that the

younger sisters of Ann Moody

Potter are with you. I should

so like to see them. Can they

not make us a visit.

For their Dear Fathers sake

as well as for their own we

[page 2]

should gladly welcome

them to our house to pay

us a good long visit.

I was at their home in Goole

England & dined with

them one day. Give my

earnest love to them &

ask them to pay us a visit

at their earliest convenience

Please also make my most

Christian regard to you[r]

Dear Wife & when you

write to Ann assure her

of my undiminished

regard. God bless you

all evermore

C. G. Finney.



The two youngest daughters of John Moody were Julia and Matilda, both unmarried.