To George Whipple

Secretary of the American Missionary Association

28 January 1870


[MS in American Missionary Association Papers, # 115507, Amistad Research Center, Tulane University.]


Oberlin 28th Jan. 1870

Dear Br. Whipple.

Yours of the 26th with enclosed

draft is recd. A word of explanation

about Miss Dowling. She came to

me with Br. Caflins Telegram &

said that she was convinced

that it was her duty to go, but

she was ashamed to say so now

things had gone so far. I told

her if God had settled the

question of duty, no matter how

much she would feel disgraced

by her apparent inconsistency, she

must go of course. She then said

the path of duty had been made

plain, but writhed under the

thought that she should be

misunderstood, & doubted whether

she was at liberty to go. I told

her that the way was still

[page 2]

open, if I understood your

letters. At any rate she could

do no less than offer to go & if

it was too late she would

be excused. At her request I

wrote a telegram consenting to go.

Your reply she considered

ambiguous. I said it was

a mistake in the operator &

told her that it was just what

your letter first recd states that

it was. I told her not to wait but

start. I at last learned much

of the reason of Mrs. D. hesitancy,

backing & filling. She has some


very good lady friends who ^

the particular friends of the

Zulu Mission who urged

her hard to go to Zulu.

They were good women & meant

well but they were so urgent

as to overrule so gentle a

spirit as that of Miss. D.

[page 3]

It came out right at last & her

friends are happy finally in

her ultimate decision.

I have disposed of the

Drafts according to Miss D's request

God bless you My Dr. Bro.

C. G. Finney



Finney presumably should have written "Miss" here.