To George Whipple

Secretary of the American Missionary Association

6 August 1869


[MS in the American Missionary Association Archives # 115069, Amistad Research Center, Tulane University]


Oberlin 6th Aug 1869.

Dear Br. Whipple

Yours of the 4th is just recd

I confess that I should not dare

to advise Miss Dowling to go to

Western Africa. It has

proved the slaughter house

of missionaries. Miss Dowling

has lived in our family a

good deal as a guest whilst

pursuing study. But to your


1. Is she a good Christian girl?

Yes, I think she is.

2. Is she disposed to work for the

master, & the salvation of men?

Yes, I believe she is

3. What is her disposition under

grace. She is very amiable &


4. Can she endure opposition?

She has had enough of it amongst

[page 2]

the Southern rebels & has succeeded

admirably I believe. She has

been teaching in the hotbed

of opposition. Her patien[ce]

& energy gave her marked success.

4. Can she be controlled? In our

family she was all that we

could desire. I never saw

or suspected any thing unreasonable

in regard to self will in her.

She is very consciencious & I

think reasonably, firm, &

yet I should sooner suspect

her of yielding too much, than

of its opposite. She is very discreet,

thoughtful, & amiable in a

family. At least so we have

known her.

5. Has she a sound mind & good sense?

I should think more sound than

brilliant. She seems to have good

sense, & a fair education.

[page 3]

Mrs. F. concurs in all the


I have written amid the

din of callers & noise.

Wife joins in much love to

you & your Dear Wife.

God bless you

C. G. Finney.



This word appears to have originally been written "patienliness", but Finney crossed out "liness" and inserted "ce".