To Jacob Dolson Cox

27 July 1869


[Manuscript letter&emdash;probably a copy of the original&emdash;in the handwriting of Rebecca Finney, in Finney Papers, microfilm, roll 6, # 2033]


Oberlin 27th July 1869.

Hon. Sec. J. D. Cox,

My Dear Son,

Some time since I

wrote you suggesting the propriety

of making some enquiry in this place,

regarding the character of E. L. Stephens

before appointing him to an office in

your department. This I did, because

I was told that he had been guilty

of much dishonesty in business

transactions hereabouts. Deacon

Daniel B. Kinney was one of the

parties, of whom it was said, he

had been defrauded by Stephens

To day, Bro. D. B. Kinney has informed

me that he attended the trial where

these alleged frauds were the subject

matter. He says the testimony failed

utterly to show any fraud on the

part of Stephens, and that the

counsel opposed to him, and the court,

exonerated him from the charge of fraud.

[page 2]

I hasten to give you this in-

formation, as soon as I

receive it, that, if what I

wrote in all good faith, had

any influence in the matter of

giving Mr. Stephens an office

you may know that the matter

is cleared up to the satisfaction

of D. B. Kinney, so far as

Stephens is concerned, although

Kinney, was one of the sufferers

in consequence of the alleged

fraud of Stephens.


C. G. Finney