To George Whipple

Secretary of the American Missionary Association

14 June 1869


[MS in the American Association Archives # 114971, Amistad Research Center, Tulane University]


Oberlin 14th June 1869.

My Dr. Br. Whipple.

I expected to see you on your

return from the North West.

I do not see any notice of my

book on Masonry in The Independent.

Tilton promised me that he would

notice it. Neither has the Advance

noticed it. Nor, so far as I know,

any of the leading journals.

The fact is, masonry is fast muzzli

ng the press. If editors fear to notice

the book, men of influence

must notice the work, & call

publick attention to it, &

inform the people where it

can be had. If you think

as you did when I last saw

you, will you not write a

notice of it for the Advance,

Independent, Congregationalist,

Tribune, & The nation. Or, I will

send a copy of it by the mail

page 2]

to Lewis Tappan, & you & he

can arrange to get notices

into the leading journals.

The smoke in regard to giving up

our theological department is has

been driven away.

With Love to yourself & all

your family. I am as

always Your Br. in the Lord.

C. G. Finney.



As in the original.