To Walter and Phoebe Palmer

31 December 1867


[MS in Palmer Papers, Drew University Library]


Oberlin Ohio

Dec, 31. 1867.

My Dear Br & Sister Palmer

Yours of the 23d inst came

duly to hand. I hope to see

the book you refer to.

In regard to my christian

testimony I would say that

I am writing some account

of what I have seen & experi

enced of the grace of God

in connection with revivals

of religion & with our work

here. It may not be published

until after my death. This

can not be far distant.

I should dare to undertake

revival labors abroad as I can

not endure for a length of

time the labor & excitement.

What do you both say of the

enormous spread [of] freemasonry

in the Church & especially

[page 2]

in your branch of it.

Mrs F. joins in fervent

love to Br. & Sister Palmer.

God bless you evermore

C. G. Finney.

P.S. Your visit did us

good & our people were

much interested. If you

come this way again

do not fail to call &

make us a longer visit

if you can.



This letter is not in the Finney Papers.

The book was probably Pioneer Experiences; or, The Gift of Power Received by faith. Illustrated and Confirmed by the Testimony of Eighty Living Ministers, of Various Denominations. By Author of "Way of Holiness," etc, published by Walter C. Palmer Jr., in New York in 1868. Phoebe Palmer may have been writing to Finney to try and get his testimony for the book.

Finney presumably meant to write should not here.

Mr and Mrs Palmer had left New York on the 20th June 1867 on a trip to Chicago and the West. After spending Sunday, 23 June, in Erie, they went via Cleveland to Oberlin. "Their home in the latter place, was at the house of the excellent President C. G. Finney &endash; so well known for his wonderful revivalistic successes, and theological writings. After a brief and refreshing sojourn, they proceeded to the Coldwater campmeeting, in Michigan." (Richard Wheatley, The Life and Letters of Mrs Phoebe Palmer [New York: W. C. Palmer, Jr., 1876], pp. 441-2). The Lorain County News of June 26, 1867, page 3, carried the following notice in its "OBERLIN" column under "Brief Items":

Mrs. Phoebe Palmer, well known in the religious world as a writer of rare piety and ability, held several meetings in the first church last week.