To J. Wyeth Coolidge

3 July 1866


[Ms in Finney Papers, supplement #130 (filmed after Joshua Leavitt's letter of 14 March 1864).]


J. Wyeth Coolidge was involved with the American Tract Society in Boston. He had been in touch with Finney early in 1864 to try and get him to go to Boston to help the Union Evangelical Association which had recently been formed there. Soon after that, Finney received the following letter from Joshua Leavitt:


New York, March 14, 1864

Dear Brother Finney,

I am glad to learn

that there is a prospect

of the republication

of the Revival Lectures.

No human mind

is capable of estimating

the good they have done,

in this country & in

England - & that they are

still capable of doing.

The plates are in the

hands of John P. Jewett,

Boston, & I give you

over the leaf, an order on

him for their delivery

to you or your order.

They are entirely at your

disposal as your own.

Yrs Joshua Leavitt

Rev C. G. Finney

[page 2]

New York, March 14, 1864

John P. Jewett, Esq.

Boston -

Please deliver, at

sight, to Rev. C. G. Finney,

or his order, the stereo-

type plates of "Finney's

Revival Lectures," as

they came into your

hands a dozen years

ago or more, from

Your Obt Servt

Joshua Leavitt



Finney's letter to Coolidge is as follows:


Oberlin 3d July 1866.

Dear Br. Coolidge.

Yours of this blank date is recd. This

letter from Br. Leavitt will explain

itself. J. P. Jewet must hunt up those

plates or supply them from England.

Those Lectures are stereotyped in England.

But they need revision had I not better

get a copy & revise them & have them

stereotyped or have the old plates, if

they can be found, altered. I could revise

them by adding notes. Please return

this letter to me. Thank you for the

little books & Tracts.

God bless you,

C. G. Finney

P.S. Love to Br. Broughton


A new revised and enlarged edition of Finney's Revival Lectures was brought out by E. J. Goodrich of Oberlin in 1868.



An edition of Lectures on Revivals of Religion had been brought out by the Boston publisher, John P. Jewett, in 1856, and a further reprint in 1858.

This was probably N. Broughton Jr., who worked at the American Tract Society in Boston.