To Julia Finney

15 July 1864


[MS in Finney Papers, Supplement # 134. This letter was published in Frances J. Hosford, "Finney and His Children" in The Oberlin Alumni Magazine, Vol. 30 (July 1934), p. 301.]


Oberlin 15th July 1864

Dear Julia.

I can not come after you

as Br. Morgan is unable to preach.

And further Ange is afraid of

Burglars. We are rejoiced to hear

that we may hope to see you so soon.

Baby is quite well again. Ange needs

your society very much. I want much

to see you. Ange gets on perfectly with

the housekeeping. We are greatly interested

in Dolsons letters. Dear Son, he is having

a terrible campaign. May God preserve

his life, & health, & habits & morals. He

will ever deserve well of his country.

Nothing from Charles since early in

the week. I am lecturing to my class

this term in the "Bethel". It is a new

place. It was dedicated on monday last.

We ride mornings with baby. It does her

a world of good. Inclosed please find

$10. If Helen needs 1/2 let her have it. If she

[page 2]

gets out of money she must let me know.

Give my love to her & to all the children.

I must away to ride, or I shall not

get back to my lecture.

God bless you all.

C. G Finney.


[addition by Angelina Finney]


Dear Julia. Can you get me a fan

either in Warren or Cleveland. If you cannot

find the linen please get silk for I must

have a black fan of some kind & there are

no nice ones here. Yours rejoicingly




The following notice had appeared in The Lorain County News (6 July 1864), p. 2, in the "Oberlin Local" column:

BURGLARS.--The other night the house of Henry Viets was entered by thieves. Considerable property was taken form the family and the boarders. The fact is, a few loose characters have recently located in Oberlin, and with no visible means of support seem to get a handsome living. Keep on eye on them.

A question mark has been inserted here by Julia.