To Edwin Lamson

29 February 1864


[MS in Finney Papers 2/2/1]


Oberlin 29th. Feb. 1864.

My Dear Brother Lamson.

The good large bundle of tracts

you sent me are crd. Many thanks for them.

I want these and all the tracts on the subject

of Evangelists to be widely circulated. I do

not agree with the writer of this tract in some

of his positions. For example, He thinks the churches

should educate men, i.e. a class of men especial

ly for this office. The fact is no man should be

encouraged to act as an evangelist unless

he proves his call & endowment for this work

by his actual success in winning souls.

This wisdom & power are indispensable to his

success. Let him be educated, & if it is

found after due trial that a Divine

power & wisdom are given him & that an

'excellent spirit" is in him," let him be

ordained as an evangelist. If his success

in calling sinners to repentance, & in arousing

inefficient churches, & in aiding Pastors point

[page 2]

him out as a man Called of God to

this particular department of labor then

let him be ordained to this work.

Unless he shall be proved to possess the peculiar

endowments requisite for an evangelist let

him not be put into so responsible a position.

The work of an Evangelist is a peculiar

work. A call to this work is a peculiar call.

Qualifications for this work are also peculiar.

To succeed in this work a man must have

a peculiar anointing of the Holy Spirit

But, you understand me. I shall see that

the tracts you sent me are given to those who

need them, by our students. I liked the Tract

"How shall the world be converted."? I have given

away all I had of that tract. Again allow

me to express my thanks for your check. I am

still keeping it to use if my health should

drive me away from home. Our revival work

goes on. Our students are crowding in. Families

are moving in to educate their children. Of course

there is a scramble for houses & rooms & board

ing places. I should think we are to be

[page 4]

very full this term & of course shall

all have enough to do. Is there any

new development in the effort at

the Meionaon Hall? I have not be[en] quite

as well for a few days past.

Love to Mary & the children.

God Bless you Brother

C. G. Finney.



It is probable that Finney had intended to write recd, as he usually did, but he may have been confused, having already written re at the end of the previous word.