To Edwin Lamson

29 May 1863


[MS in Finney Papers 2/2/1]


Oberlin 29. May 1863.

My Dear Br. Lamson.

Some time since wife wrote

you for some little tracts & you sent

the same paying little postage on them

amounting to fifteen cents. When I

learned the fact I requested her to

write immediately & pay you. Ange is

with us & has a babe about 5. weeks

old. This, together with her poor health

has caused her to delay until I

can stand it no longer. I enclose 25

cents to pay the postage of the tracts & also

postage on the letters you wrote me on

my own business regarding the note against

Br. Sears. / I recd the tracts of your Society

for the support of Evangelists. They are very

good. Pastors have opposed Evangelists

so much that I think it a good work

to gather & publish statistics showing

what the Lord has done & is doing by


[along the left hand margin of page 1]

Printed matter in a wrapper with one end open, pays only book postage. If closed

like a letter it pays letter postage.

[page 2]

the various instrumentalities that are

employed for the conversion of the

world. It will do pastors & churches

good. I have long known that published

statistics on this subject would surprise

the church, & mortify many of the pastors.

As long ago as 1830. An agent of the

Home Missionary society came to Rochester

N.Y. when I was laboring for & in a

great revival, & wanted me to present

the claims of that society to the churches

& prepare the way for him to make a collec

tion for his society. He handed me some

papers giving a statement of what the

Missionaries of that society had accompli

shed that year. If I remember rightly

they had gathered less than two souls to

each missionary. The whole number was so

small & the whole details so discouragi

ng that, after praying over it, I dared not

to present & recommend his society to the

Churches. I told him so. I had known

& I believe I told the agent that I knew

[page 3]

Laymen, one at least, who was doing

more for the conversion of souls than

all the missionaries employed by that society.

I was grieved when from your tract I learned

that pastors are now doing about as they

did then. The world can never be converted

at this rate. But the more experience I have

the more ripe is my conviction that the

Church must return to God's order &

employ Evangelists on a scale equal

to the work to be done, or sinners will

continue to go to hell by millions.

It is insanity in the churches & in the

Pastors to oppose or neglect the employm

ent of evangelists. As well, & even

better for the church, might evangelists

oppose the employment of Pastors.

The fact is both are of God's appoint

ment & both must be employed.

What a picture your tract presents of the state

of Churches where no evangelists have been

employed. How are your Dear Mary &

the Children. By the bye did you know that

[page 4]

we have gotten the sweetest little grand

daughter that ever was of course. Doubtless

you & all the world must have heard of

it. Well, soberly Ange has bourne a sweet

little child & grand mother is much

delighted with it. Mrs F. is suffering

a good deal, at times, with her cough.

My own health is steadily improving.

Indeed I am quite well as its [sic]respects

any active form of disease, but have

not strength to labor as I used to do.

Whether I shall ever so labor again,

I can not say. Where are you going

this summer. May not Mary & the

Children come & spend the summer

with us? Can not you leave your

business & come with her. If you cannot

spend all the summer with us, Mary & the

children can & you can come out

to commencement the last of August &

take her back after the fall rains

have cooled your Boston streets.

Give our best love to our dear friends in

B. & many kisses to the children & your dear Mary

C. G. Finney.


[along the top of page 1, upside down]

P.S. My "zeal has provoked sife to love & good work" so that

she writes with this & encloses 50. instead of 25. cents.

God bless you forever



A slash stroke here probably indicates where the comment in the margin should be inserted.