To Alfred Smith

18 June 1862


[MS in Finney Papers, Supplement, No, 107]


Oberlin Ohio. 18th June 1862

Dear Br. Smith

Yours of the 16th is before me.

I do not know Mr. Rosendorff's present

address. Will you get it & forward

my letter to him without delay.

Be sure to make R. pay the interest

on the rent from the time it was

due. This delay must be intended

to save the interest. For this reason

dont fail to require it. I want

him to fully understand that if the

rents are not paid punctually in

future, the legal steps to collect it

will not be delayed, & I wish you

to prepare to take the requisite legal

measures & to take them promptly

in case the rent is not paid.

My health still improving

God bless you My Dr Brother

over C. G. Finney.


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If they dont pay the rent now due I dont

see how legal measures can be avoided

It is best to let them know that they must

pay up fully & punctually or pay the

cost of collection by law. Dont threaten

& not perform but collect the rent.

God bless you my Dr. Brother

C. G. Finney


This letter is endorsed at the bottom in Finney's handwriting:







Since Rosendorff was expected back soon, Alfred Smith waited before taking any action. However, by August 8th he had not returned, and there was still money outstanding, so Smith sent the letter on. Subsequent dealings with Rosendorff appear to have been reasonably satisfactory, and Finney eventually sold the house to him in 1865.