To Edwin & Mary Lamson

28 April 1862


[MS in Finney Papers, 2/2/1]


Oberlin O. 28th April, 1862.


My Dear Brother & Sister Lamson.

Your precious letters are recd

They were refreshing. Thank you

for your sustaining sympathy &

most christian kindness. True, I

have been down again, & my

strength has been low. I am

now getting about a little

& this is one of my first efforts

with my pen. I must not write

much though I have much to say.

Dear wife is in general health,

though not all right to day. Has

not left her bed this morning.

Will be well I trust in a day

or two. We are rejoiced to hear

that Dear Mary is so much

better. Mary Do be careful in going

back to housekeeping. Do not ride,

or walk, or exercise too much. I fear

you are too much like me. So full

[page 2]

of restlessness to do something as

to make too much haste & effort to

get well. I fear the cauterizing of

your spine. You are exhausted.

You must have rest. Rest. Rest. Rest,

is your remedy. The burning of your spine

uses up too much of the general vitality.

At your age you may confidently expect

to get well if you will take time

for sufficient rest. Do not my Dear

Sister, use up your general vitality

by using exhausting remedies.

Perhaps I am too old to recover by

rest. But I have now three times

begun labors too soon. & after a

few weeks of labor broke down

again. You have a young family.

Your presence in the house though

confined to your bed is of great

importance. Live, ther[e]fore if you can.

I am good for nothing unless I can

use my pen or tongue. It is of little

importance for me to live confined to

[page 3]

my bed. God bless your Dear children

We are most happy to hear about

them. We hope they will soon be

quite well of the cough.

Give our Dearest love & many

kisses to them all.

We are thankful to hear good of

the meetings at Old South Chapel.

But I shall write too much.

With a heart full of sincerest

Christian love to you all I

must close by subscribing

my self yours ever in the love

of christ. C. G. Finney.

P.S. Mrs. F. joins in the above

& in much love to Br & Sister

Stone, & in prayers that God will

bless Boston abundantly.



This word is underlined three times.