To Edwin Lamson

5 August 1861


[MS in Finney Papers 2/2/1]


Oberlin 5th Aug. 1861.

My Br. Lamson.

You are aware that I have been

ill for a long time I am now better

but not well. Mrs F. is also ill & has been

from home, & at the East for 6th weeks

past. She is now at the sea side

near N. York. Our ill health accounts

for your not having heard from us of

late. I learn through Miss Woods in

her correspondence with Julia that

your Dear Mary is ill. Now will you

not inform us about this matter. Do give

oceans of love to her & let us know just

how she is. You know my dear Brother how

deep our interest in Mary is. We allow

to have a supreme interest in her, but

not to monopolise in such a sense as

not to allow us full scope for our love

for & interest in her. And what about

the children. Where and how are they. And

surely not least where & how are you?

God bless you My Dear Br. Lamson, will

you not write us soon one of your good

long, peculiar, particular letters, telling

us in your own style all about yourselves

& the religious state of things in Boston.

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My Dear Wife has suffered a good deal

for several weeks. The Doctors think her

disease is organic, but that she will

recover by taking sufficient rest.

I wish you or Mary, if she is able would

write her. Direct to the care of Hobart

Ford. 115. Wall st. N. York. Wife

& myself have been sadly overdone. I have

of late met my theological class twice

& thrice a week but have not ventured

to preach yet. My strength is gradually

improving. Think I shall God Willing

preach again soon. I can not spend

much time in writing letters at present: but

I beg of you to let us hear from you &

our Dear Mary without delay.

The Lord have mercy upon Mary & let her

not fail in health. Is she or has she been

dangerously ill? The state of religion here

is interesting. Conversions frequently occurring

but no general revival. The war excitement

has greatly diverted attention & my

ill health has kept my mouth closed.

Julia is at home with me. Not very well.

Mrs. F. will probably stay east until Sept.

Jul[i]a joins in. Much love to you all.

God bless you all forever. C. G. Finney.

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P.S. Give my sincerest love to Br. Stone

& his wife. Also to Br. & Sister Hoyt.

To Your Neighbor Mrs Whitney. To the Gliddens

In a word to all our Dear Boston

friends who may inquire after us.

I hope Mary is not very ill. I have

thought if she had been seriously

ill you would have informed

us. But do release our suspense

& anxiety on this point.

C. G. F.