To Julia Finney

9 April 1861


[MS in Finney Papers, Supplement # 92. Extracts from this letter were published in Frances J. Hosford, "Finney and His Children" in The Oberlin Alumni Magazine, Vol. 30 (July 1934), p. 301.]


Oberlin 9th April 1861.

Precious Julia.

I herewith send you

$20. I have been quite ill with

influenza. Am better of it & my

health is improving. I may be able

to go up & see Helen & family before

long. I can not say when. Give

any quantity of love to them all

When shall we see you home again

Helen must remember that you are

all that remains to me at home of

our children. She must not expect

to have much of your time while

we remain on earth. We are getting

to be infirm & if you remain unmarried

we shall hope to enjoy your society

without long interruptions. I want

very much to see Helen. Just recd a

dear letter from Norton. He is

quite well. The Lord bless you

my Dear Child. Your aff. Father

C. G. Finney


P.S. As soon & Dolson gets home we

shall expect you with us if we

all live.


[endorsed at the bottom by Julia]

(He was State Senator and

at Columbus, on the outbreak of the Civil

War &endash; only a few days later.)



Finney evidently should have written as here.