To Alice and James Barlow

26 October 1860


[Ms in Finney Papers, 2/2/2. The first three pages are by Elizabeth Finney.]


Oberlin - Ohio

My very dear Mrs Barlow - October 26 - 1860

This is my fourth letter

to you and your dear Husband since we left

dear old England and we have received one

from each of you - I feel that I have been

adding to your cares and sometimes I

reproach myself for so doing - but I reason

thus, that I would gladly do for you just

what I have asked for ourselves - You

will see that Mr Finney has purchased

the scholarships for your Husband

& already I would like the use of one

of them for an English girl who is

struggling to get an Education - She was

willing to come into my family as a

cook this Winter that she might earn

money to carry her through the next

Summer - after that, by teaching in a

common school, she thinks she can

earn a support for herself by teaching

Winters and studying Summers

It is very interesting to watch these

young persons as they toil on - sometimes

almost discouraged and then hopeful

this does them good - they make more

[page 2]

efficient members of society afterwards

Miss Hines seems to enjoy her studies

& adapts herself to our manners &

customs - to the changes she meets in

every thing about her - How I wish

you and your dear Husband with

Thomas could attend our meetings

at this time I think Brother Barlow

would cry - glory to God in some of our

meetings and your eyes would be filled

with tears as you heard from one and

another what God is doing for their souls

I have been interrupted by one of the good

praying Sisters coming in to tell me of

what God is doing for the members

of the institution - It is such a season

as we have not seen in Oberlin as

long as I have lived here and as

much as I have seen in days gone

past of the working of our God

in this community - On Sunday

Evg I go to the ladies Hall There

I meet a large number of young ladies

on Monday I meet about 200 more

Tuesday - Wednesday & Thursday

I hold a general meeting for

all females and beside

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this have two other meetings a day

each day

Ÿto attend - so you see I am occupied

How are our friends the Browns - &

how are they at Mr Spence's - I have

not heard from either of these

families since I left England

We shall expect you and Mr Barlow

and Thomas - Mr & Mrs Spence

the next Summer and then

perhaps we may return with

you - Remember Mr & Mrs Brown

are to be of the party and Mr

Davison & Thomas - we

can accommodate all -

Give much love to dear Mary Ann

and to all of the children - I

long to see Mary Ann and will

she not come and see us

Give much love to your Father and

Mother and to all the dear

praying ones. Do write soon - Mr

Finney wants to write a few words

Give my love please to your servants

I hope they will abide faithful

to God - Angie and Julia are

still with us Charles came last week

and we are very happy - kiss my little

red lipped James - With much love - a heart full

E. A. Finney


[page 4]

My Blessed Br. & Sister Barlow.

I have only time just

now to tell you that I have paid

for your two scholarships one hundred

& fifty dollars. Seventy five dollars

for each. They are Nos. 107. & 108. They

are entered in the College records as

the property of James Barlow of Bolton

Lancashire England, & the use of them

by students subject to my direction.

Will you write soon & recognize my author

ity in this disposal of their use. If at any

time you wish to direct who shall use

them please inform me. Shall you send

Dear Thomas over here to school?

When do you propose to come to Oberlin.

I want now to visit England again

much more than ever before. Things both

in business, politics & religion are moving

healthfully in this country. Especially

is this true in Oberlin. We have a

more thorough work of revival now

in progress here than for many years

past. Our new catalogue shows our number

of students the last year to have been 1313.

Love abundant to you & family & all friends.

God bless you. C. G. Finney



i.e. Clarissa Sara Hinds.

After a meeting that had been held in James Barlow's cotton mill attended by Finney, according to Mrs Finney, "Mr Barlow came home shouting glory" (E. A. Finney, "Journal", p. 72).