To Theodore Jones

30 May 1859


[Extracts in the letter of Theodore Jones to Finney, dated 3 June 1859, in Finney Papers, #1687]


Theodore Jones was a member of the Third London Circuit of the United Methodist Free Churches. For Finney's ministry there, see Finney Memoirs (ed. Rosell and Dupuis, 1989), pp. 588-9.


No. 1. Upper Vernon St.


June 3 1859

Revd. C. G. Finney

My dear Brother

Your esteemed favour of May

30h came in due course, I am sorry

I have not been able to reply ere this.

You say:--"a principal point of

enquiry in my last, related to the Character

& spirit of the ministers in Charge" &

again ---- I "fear to attempt revival

labours with ministers who are not

hearty in engaging, & promoting the

work themselves." and again --- "Why

do not the ministers themselves appear

in the invitation? Is the steward one

of them? The steward seemed to leave

it for you, to speak for them; but you

say nothing about the ministers".

All this may be quickly explained,

the Steward is as you conjectured one

of the local ministers -- and his mo=

=desty and Christian humility alone

prevented his saying much of a Class

of persons which included himself;

but did he not say:--- "If Mr Finney

comes amongst us, I am sure he will

find us fully prepared to co-operate with

him, both in bringing souls &c. &c" --- pray

read that part of my letter again.

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And I added:--- "I think you will not find

any where, persons (by which I particular=

=ly meant the ministers) more devout or

that will more cordially co-operate

with yourself & Mrs Finney in an effort

to save souls." But I can say more,

this steward, as well as, I believe many

others of them heard you as often as

possible while you were in London &

your ministry made them not only

weep; but also rejoice.

You must not judge of English Methodists

by those in America

Then as to the manner of carrying on

or promoting the Cause, The Methodists

work chiefly by lay instrumentality, thus

to supply the 16 Chapels they have but two

paid ministers &endash; one of whom I suppose

when well enough will be in constant

attendance on you, his very soul is

in the work &endash; The other, Revd Robt Bushell

whom I have seen this morning is an

active, zealous, useful (younger) man &

takes the heaviest part of the work …

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I think I have now replied to all your

questions but one, you ask :&endash; "are not

those Brethren rather influenced by You?"

Certainly not; but they say "we have

heard Mr Finney ourselves" …


Theodore Jones