To Julia and Helen Finney

5 June 1858


[MS in Finney Papers, Supplement # 66. Extracts from this letter were published in Frances J. Hosford, "Finney and His Children" in The Oberlin Alumni Magazine, Vol. 30 (July 1934), pp. 299-300.]


Oberlin 5 June 1858.

Dear Juli.

I opened N's. letter to you supp

osing that it contained information in

regard to his arrival here. Have you not

nearly completed your visit at Warren?

I dont know as I shall like my new horse.

He is a noble high headed, high spirited

animal, a good size larger than either

of the other ones. But he is skittish I

fear dangerously so & so much afraid

of the whip that an unguarded motion

of the hand without a whip will

cause him to leap almost from under

you. He is light cream & a good

horse every other way. Can not Willie

come down with you & little Helen?

We all want to see you much. We recd your

letter this morning & Ma will answer it.

Give a world of love to the little sweets.

Your aff. Father

C. G. Finney.

To Helen on the other side.

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Dear Helen, I have only time to say

that we want much to see you.

I suppose you are informed in regard

to the question of Sewing Machines.

There are over 200 different patents.

If you could inform yourself as to

the working of the 2 or 3 of the

decidedly best ones & get you one

it would be a great help to you.

We are delighted with Julis description

of your new house. We hope you will

be able to keep & pay for it, & live to enjoy it.

If Dolson's life & health are preserved I

trust all will be right in regard to

paying for it. We feel as if we must

have Juli again soon. I may come

after her & perhaps bring Mother.

Br. Cole says Willie is coming down at

his vacation. When is that. Samuel

Cochran is to be here D.V. at commencement.

Can not Willie be here at that time.

Samuel longs much to see him.

Give a great deal of love to Dolson.

& many kisses to the children. Love also

to Lottie if she is with you.

Your aff. Father. C. G. Finney.



Probably Norton Finney.

Julia was staying with her sister Helen and brother-in-law Jacob Dolson Cox.

This word is not written clearly, so Julia has written "sweets" above it.