To John Gulliver

13 September 1856


[MS in Gratz MSS, University and College Presidents, Case 7, Box 13, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Before passing into the Collection of Simon Gratz, this letter must have been in the papers of Thomas Brainerd, judging by the endorsement at the end, in the handwriting of Mary Brainerd, the wife of Thomas Brainerd.]


Oberlin O. 13. Sept 1856.

My Dear Br. Gulliver.

Yours of the 8th inst is

before me. I am but just risen

from my bed having been confined

with a neuralgic attack in

my face. In regard to your request

I would reply in few words that

I have had my heart & thoughts

& desires directed to your city

as a field of spiritual labor

for a season, more or less for

several years. I should like to

visit you for that purpose

should the Blessed Master

indicate it to be his will.

You speak of united effort.

How many ministers & churches

will cordially unite?

You have done well to write

thus early before I am

committed elsewhere.

[page 2]

About the first of September

is a good time to commence

such labor in large citiey.

Circumstances may render it

expedient to commence earlier

or later in some instances.

As I am pressed to decide at

this season of the year, where to go

for winters labors whatever you

agree upon you had better comm

unicate to me as early as may

be. I am called by man many

ways. My only inquiry, what does

the Master say. The call is urgent

from England. & from many cities

in this country. I make up my

mind when I get the different

fields & circumstances before me.

& find access at a throne of grace

I have as yet declined to commit

myself for the comming winter.

The Lord bless you my Dr. Brother

C. G. Finney.


[Endorsement in the handwriting of Mary Brainerd]


[This letter was committed

to Mr. Brainerd to bring

before the Pastoral Association

for the purpose of securing the

proposed services of Mr. Finney.]

M. B.



This letter is not in the Finney Papers.

This word evidently should have been cities.