To Hamilton Hill

11 January 1856


[MS in Oberlin College Archives]


Rochester N.Y. 11.Jan.1855.

My Dear Br. Hill.

I thank you for attending

to my correspondence. Br. Shaffer

tells me that you offer your house

for sale. How is this? I hope Dr.

Br. that you have no thought of

leaving O. The object of my

writing at this time is to say

that I have just recd from

J. S. Seymour, of Auburn N.Y.

a check for $100. intended for

the Institution. Now I wish

to ask whether your funds are

in such a state as to allow

me to use this check.

In fitting out & sending Julia

to Brooklyn I have parted

with nearly all the money I

had with me. I shall not

probably secure any here until

[page 2]

I close my labors here. If your

funds will allow you, without

depriving others more needy

than myself, to let me keep this

I shall be glad to do so. I will

not use it until I hear from

you. If others need it more

than I do so that you can

not spare it I will send

it to you. Something was due

at Hartford which was to come

to me on the 1st of Jan. I suppose

you have drawn for that. If you can

let me keep this, you can use that.

The religious interest here is on

the increase. Love to all the

good people & especially to

your Dear family.

The Lord bless you My Dear Brother

C. G. Finney



The last figure of the date would appear to be a 5. Finney should have written a 6.

The Hills did not leave Oberlin at this time.

Finney's daughter, Julia, went to the home of Hobart Ford, Mrs. Finney's brother, in Brooklyn.