To Hamilton Hill

7 May 1853


[MS in Oberlin College Archives, 7/1/5]


Oberlin 7. May 1853.

Dear Br. Hill.

I have not yet gotten

my certificates of scholarships.

I intended that Joseph Adams

should have had the benefit of

one of them. & to have given

the use of the other to some one

Will you please to make them

out & let Joseph have the benefit

of one of them from the beginning

of the Spring term if you can

so manage it & send the other

to me as my wife wishes to give

the use of it to some one.

Your Brother,

C. G. Finney


Joseph Adams was a student in the Preparatory Department of Oberlin College. He was from London, England, where he had been converted by Finney in 1850. He had come to Oberlin in 1852 to study, and was living in the Finneys' home. He subsequently became a Methodist evangelist in Britain, but returned to America in 1873 and became a Congregational minister. He served in churches in Pennsylvania, Colorado, and California, but in 1886 he became a Christian Science teacher. He was eventually involved in mind cure. He died in Chicago, Illinois, in 1900. (See "Remarks of Rev. Joseph Adams" in Reminiscences of Rev. Charles G. Finney [Oberlin, Ohio: E. J Goodrich, 1876], pp. 53-56; "Rev. Joseph Adams" in Christian Science Journal, Volume 4 [May 1886], p.49; Stephen Gottschalk, The Emergence of Christian Science in American Religious Life [Berkeley, California: University of California Press, 1973], p.201; and "Joseph Adams" File, in Oberlin College Archives.)