To Hamilton Hill

18 March 1853


[MS in Oberlin College Archives 7/1/5]


Syracuse 18. March 1853.

Dear Br. Hill.

Yours of the 14. inst is

just recd. I saw that Br. Goodhue

had not begun right & told him

so. He had letters touching his Xtian

character from some two or three &

wished me to certify my confidence

in the integrity of those men.

I did so, saying that of Mr. G.

I personally knew but little.

I made no allusion to his project

I told him I could say nothing

about that until he was authorized

by the Board of Trust to act for

them. He signified that he prefered

to do so. A I hope to return

to O. early in April. But they have

no minister in either of the three

churches & seem not likely to have.


[page 2]

I dont know what to do. It is so

very difficult to leave under

such circumstances. The

work of the Lord progresses without

any abatement as I can see.

What are we to do for room

at O

this yearŸ. Is it true that

Br. Whipple has left, or is

about to leave Oberlin?

We are in good health.

With kindest regards

to Mrs. H. & to all the friends

I am as ever yours in the Lord.

C. G. Finney.

P.S. Mrs. F. unites.


Henry Ethan Whipple resigned from his post as Principal of the Preparatory Department.