To Hamilton Hill

7 January 1853


[Ms in Oberlin College Archives 7/1/5.]


Syracuse 7. Jan 1853.

Hamilton Hill Esqr.

My Dear Brother.

This is to inform you

that I have recd. $100. from A. G. Phelps to apply on my

salary. I thank you Dear Br. for your attention to my

correspondence. & for the several notes I have recd. from you.

I have not replied because no reply was needed, & because

of my multiplied engagements. The work of the Lord ad

vances slowly but steadily & perceptibly. I found here

perhaps the most difficult field I ever labored in, owing

in a great measure, to the fact that Infidelity & Unitarianism

Universalism &c. have taken the lead in reforms & the foun

dations have fallen away in the convictions of the many

[page 2]

in regard to the fundamental truths of religion.

These great truths retain but a slight hold on the con

victions even of the mass of professed christians here.

Hence the necessity here, of laying the foundations

again deep in the convictions of the people. In

doing this a world of rubish is to be removed.

It is impossible for the people at Oberlin to appreciate

or even to conceive of such a state of things. You are

aware that this is the seat of skeptical, denunciatory reform

conventions. Here conservatism on the one hand & what is

called ultraism on the other have developed their na

tural results to a frightful extent. But the state of

things is changing, the work of God extending & the people

begin to have confidence in it. Wife is better & joins in much

love to you & yours. Your Brother in the Lord. C. G. Finney.


These notes are not among the Finney Papers.