To John Moore

19 March 1851


[A copy of Finney's letter, in John Moore's handwriting, is in the Dupuis Papers, Oberlin College Archives.]


John Moore (1812-1873) was the Methodist minister in Ramsey, Huntingdonshire. He wrote to Finney on March 4, 1851, as follows:


Bury, Nr Huntingdon

March 4th 1851

My dear Bro. Finney,

I am anxious to

know when you intend returning

to America & whether you will visit

Huntingdonshire before leaving

this country. If you do not intend

coming to Houghton again I should

like to see you in London if

you can spare me a few hours

I feel as though I could not allow

you to leave England without

meeting you again & pouring out

my whole heart to you on those

great questions that affect my

well being & usefulness. How are

you getting on with your "Syste

matic Theology"? I shall prefer

not coming to London until

you have quite done with

my books as I can then bring

them home on my return

[page 2]

I have heard nothing concerning

you for a considerable time

I have refrained from writing to you

knowing that your time must

be fully occupied - Now my dear

Bro will you just write me

a line as soon as possible informing

me of your intentions & I will

then make my arrangements

accordingly- Mrs Moore joins in

love to yourself & Mrs F.

I am

Dear Bro

Yours very affy

John Moore.


Finney's reply is as follows:


Copy of a Letter from Revd C. G. Finney

to the Revd John Moore Wesn Minister &endash;

Original Copy in the hands of Crane Fishwick

Esqr - Scorton Lancashire


"Tabernacle House

Finsbury, London

19th March 1851

My dear Br Moore

I recd your letter in due time

& have delayed to answer that I might be able

to reply definitely. I have done with your

books except the Oberlin Quarterly. As

they print my replies in an Appendix

that book will be needed last. The

printer has just assured me that he

shall be through with it the last of

next week. I should be glad to see you

before we leave which we expect to do

on the last day of March That is next

Monday week. I am not certain

yet whether we shall go by Steamer

from Liverpool or by sail Packet

from London Should we conclude

to do the latter we shall not leave

London until the latter part of

the week ie until the 4th of April


[page 2]

But as my time is so valuable I

think we shall go by Steamer

thin In this event we shall leave

here on Monday DV spending a

day at Birmingham

Should you come up some

day next week you could take

with you on your return

all but the Review & that can

be sent to you I shall

leave it in charge with

the publisher to give you

a copy of the new Edition

of the Theology This can be

sent to you as you shall

desire when here Do not

forget when you come

to get the Rational Psychology

I mention this lest it

should escape me

My time is very much


[page 3]

filled up but I must take

some time to commune with

you. Wife unites in much

love to yourself & your

dear wife

Your Brother

C G. Finney


Crane Fishwick (b. 1827) was the son of George and Anne Fishwick of Scorton. See Friendship's Tribute. To the Memory of the Late Mrs. Fishwick, of Springfield, near Garstang (Lancaster: A. Milner, 1852).

This will have been Laurens P. Hickok, Rational Psychology; or, the Subjective Idea and Objective Law of All Intelligence (Auburn: 1849).