To Messrs William Tegg & Co

25 January 1851


[MS in Finney Papers # 1538. It is a copy in an unknown hand.]


Tabernacle House

Finsbury London

25 Jany 1851

Messs Wm Tegg & Co

Genn I have just received

your offer of $100 for the privilege

of printing my two volumes of

Systematic Theology with my

I hereby

recent corrections - andŸaccept

your offer on the following


@. As I am neither a printer nor

an Editor, I cannot superintend the

typographical & Editorial ex=

=ecution of the work - any

further than to read and

correct the proof sheets, so far

as to see that my meaning is not

misapprehended -but this I will do

provided the work be put through

the press by the tenth of March next

and the proofs be duly sent to me

@. I shall need two copies of each

proof and two copies of each revise

of which

one of each ^ I shall keep for reference

[page 2]

and the other I shall return

Having made considerable

alteration in the first 100 pages

of the work

Ÿmy reading the proofs of this

part of the work especially

will be indispensable to your

getting out a correct edition

@. I expect to remain in England

at least until the tenth of March

next and should my health

continue I should prefer to ex=

=amine all the proofs

I am now making my final

corrections and the first part

of the work is ready for the printer

and whether the work be through

the press or not I shall require

the payment of the £100 by the

10th March prior to my return

to America

I am Genn

Yr ob. Svt

Signed C. G. Finney


The word revisions was originally written here and then altered to read corrections.

The word proposal was written first and then over-written.