To George Whipple

12 September 1850


[MS in American Missionary Association Archives #F1-12377, Amistad Research Center, Tulane University]


London 12th Sept 1850.

Dear Br. Whipple.

I am so weary that I

am about to go over to the

continent for a little rest.

The work has been great &

precious. I send brother Beecher

the Banner of this week which

contains Dr. C's valedictory.

I write this note to introduce

the bearer, George Morris. a

poor young man who, like

thousands here, is out of business.

I have interested myself to get

his expenses paid to America.

He may need a friend to advise

[page 2]

him when he arrives as he

will be nearly out of money.

He will tell you his story

& I think he will tell you

the truth. He may or may

not need your advice

in regard to getting some

employment until he can

help himself. Wife goes with

me to the continent & joins

in much love to yourself

& Mrs W. In great haste

I am your Brother.

C. G. Finney.

P.S. Br. Weed is at chester

very low.


That is, Henry Ward Beecher, who was in New York and on the editorial staff of the Independent.

John Campbell's report "Rev. C. G. Finney" was published in The British Banner (London) (11 September 1850), pages 617-618.

Edward Weed.