To Hamilton Hill

5 January 1844


[MS in Correspondence of Oberlin College, 7/1/5]


Boston 5. Jan 1844.

Dear Br. Hill.

A Lady called on me yesterday & proposed

to give $500 or therabouts to Oberlin, on the condition of receiving

the interest an[n]ually during her life. She is, I should

think, near 70 years of age. Perhaps older & perhaps younger.

I did not inquire her age. I judge only from her appearance.

She is a maiden Lady. Whether this is her whole property I

dont know. She said a part of it could be had at any time.

Something like $.200. were at Worcester which she could

get by going after it herself, which she prop[os]ed to do early

in summer. & the remainder she could not say exactly

when it could be had. She expected it soon however.

$.100. in this city could be had at any time. I presume that

should it be necessary she would go to Worcester soon & get

that 200. She wished me to write & inquire whether the

Institution would like to have the money on those conditi

ons. To wit. She will donate the principal, only reserving

the interest, annually, while she lives.

Another Lady called a short time since to consult me

about making her will. She wished to bequeath to Oberlin

to the use of female department $.2000. She is a maiden

Lady. has a sister, also a maiden lady, & her aged parents.

She wished to have her will so drawn as to secure the inter

est to her parents & sisters should they out live her, during

their lives, & afterwards to have the principal & interest appli

ed for the education of poor & pious females at Oberlin.


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Her Sister is the Miss Whiting now at Oberlin. After cons

ultation I did not write her will myself but directed

her to a Lawyer in Boston, one of my spiritual children

who I presume has done or will do it. The Lady thinks

of visiting Oberlin next summer. It is however uncertain.

She seemed anxious to help Oberlin & the young Ladies.

She is herself a Teacher of a Young Ladies Seminary in

Rhode Island. From the representations of her sister she

thinks highly of Oberlin & wishes to appropriate all

she has to the education of young Ladies at that Institution.

Before I recd your letter I supposed that you had heard from

me through My Dear Wife not to trouble yourself further at

present about that borrowed money, as I had recd a check

from Br. Chapin which would meet my present necessities.

The affair of Mr. Taylor is horrible!- My own health pretty good for me

The Lord is now evidently in our midst. But so many obstacles

as are here to be overcome I never saw any where.

Love to your Dear Family. & to all friends.

Your Brother

C. G. Finney.


P.S. I presume the excitement about Mr. Taylor prevented

Mrs F. from reminding to send you the information relative

to the borrowed money above alluded to. I wrote to Br.

Mahan the same thing requesting him to inform you so

that I presumed you had recd the information or I should

have written to you before. C. G. F.


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P.S. I have written several times to have the pamphlet

containing the report of the discussion of the 2d Advent

question sent me & have not received it. Will you

ask Br. Gillett to send it if [it] has not been sent before

this reaches you. C. G. F.




Hamilton Hill Esqr.

Oberlin. Lorain co.







This was Miss Rebecca Eaton. See Finney to Hamilton Hill, 5 February and 13 February 1844.

Report of a Discussion on the Second Advent Near, by Rev. Chas. Fitch, Rev. Henry Cowles, Rev. Asa Mahan, etc. Lately Held at Oberlin (Cleveland: 1843). These were discussions Fitch had with the Oberlin faculty May 10 and 11.