Letter of Recommendation for Elihu Hosford's Boarding School

21 March 1843


[Advertisement in The Oberlin Evangelist, Volume 5, Number 8 (12 April 1843), page 64.]


The subscriber would respectfully give notice that he will open a School, on the first Monday in June next, in the village of Oberlin, for the reception of lads not under eight years of age, on the following plan: viz.&endash;

I. Those received will board in the family of the subscriber.

II. They will study and recite in a commodious room recently fixed up for this purpose, under the immediate care of a competent and experienced teacher.

III. They will sleep in single beds, in a large room, suitably furnished for that purpose, under the immediate supervision of some responsible person.

IV. All their sports and amusements will be conducted in my presence and under my direction.

V. During the hours of cessation from study, opportunity will be afforded to all who may desire it, to engage in agricultural and mechanical labor.

The whole management and government of the school will be paternal, and designed to secure the highest physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual good of the pupils.

TERMS.&endash; For tuition, board, washing, and mending, room-rent, lights and fuel, $2,00 pr week: $25,00 to be paid on admission: $25,00 within six months: and the remainder at the close of the year.

Each scholar is expected to furnish his own bed, bedding and towels. All articles to be washed, should be legibly marked with the whole name of the owner.


Oberlin, March, 21, 1843.


I am acquainted with Bro. Hosford, and can cheerfully express the opinion that the patrons and supporters of his proposed school will realize all that, from his advertisement, they are warranted to expect. C. G. FINNEY.

Oberlin, March 21, 1843.


I am well acquainted with Bro. Hosford, and fully concur in the opinion expressed by Br. Finney.

A. MAHAN, President of the O. C. Institute.


I cordially concur in the recommendations of my brethren, Mahan and Finney.

HAMILTON HILL, Sec'y O. C. Inst.