To Hamilton Hill

28 November 1841


[In Oberlin College Archives, 7/1/5]


Boston 28th Nov. 1841.

Dear Br. Hill.

I have just recd yours of the 18th inst

& hasten to reply. It is at present a most distressing time

here in the money market. Br. Sears has just informed

me that money is worth at present 2 per cent per month.

He thinks it will not long be so. He thinks it will be impossible

to secure a donation here at present to that amount or any

thing near it. The congregation to which I at present preach

is poor having been divided within the last year & those

few who are left are almost all poor & those who have

any funds are heavily drawn upon for the payment

of the current expenses of the congregation.

Br. Walker whose name is before the board of Trust

as a candidate for a Professorship, Br. Sears says has

funds & could loan that amount if he is disposed. You

however say nothing about negotiating a loan. Of course

I can say nothing about borrowing the amount of him.

Br. Sears remarked that should his appointment take place

so that he was likely to be there he thought, he might, be

induced to loan that amount. As he proposes to pay

his own salary I suppose he might not feel able to give

that amount outright. Ere this reaches you. The question

of his appointment will be probably have been settled. Should

the appointment be made & should no way open in the

Providence of God to liquidate that claim in the mean

time, perhaps you had better lay the subject before him.

I know at present of no other way of to [do]any thing in this city.

Will you say to Br. Whipple that I have recd his letter & laid

it before Br. Sears. He may expect to hear from Br. S. soon.

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The Lord is blessing us here. Though I had to begin on the

Rock. The waters of life are flowing. Do not let the people

forget to pray for us. You say nothing of your family

from which I infer their usual health. You will

recollect the state of Sister H's health when I left & I

have heard nothing since. Please present my most

fraternal salutations to her & the little ones.

My health is as good as usual. I preach twice on the

Sabbath & 3 lectures each week. Should you wish to negotiate

a loan of Br. Walker you will of course inform him

definitely what security you can give him.

Your Brother.

C. G. Finney


Addressed: Hamilton Hill Esqr.

Oberlin Lorain co.



Postmark: BOSTON MS NOV 30