To Levi Burnell

9 January 1838


[Autograph signed letter, in Oberlin Correspondence]


Cleveland 9th Jan 1838.

Dr. Br. Burnell. The following is the extract from

Br. Green's letter alluded to by Br. Gillett. I should

have sent it before had not expected ere this

to have been at home.

"Since the first of August I have ceased to cr. my

subscription to Oberlin to your acct, as from that

time I considered it to have ceased. I agreed with

Clark & Dimond to contribute towards raising $100000

for Oberlin on condition it should be raised.

I dont know what success attended the effort nor

whether Clark Dimond & Tappan paid up their subscriptions.

I have made a mortgage for the amount of $2500 promised

supposing the amount had been made up & that they

would pay up their subscriptions. I am willing

to pay as far in proportion to my subscription as

Clark Dimond & Tappan & dont feel obligated to go

further. If I knew my proportion I would probably

send you the cash & keep for it & retain the mortgage."


I make no comment on the above, only that

it appears that he paid or credited to my acct.

his subscription to the Professorship Association up

to the 1st of August.

I should have mentioned in my last that Br.

Dawes let me have 20 dollars when he was here

on my first arrival. probably he has informed

you of it.

Interest increases here but these churches are

in a state too sad & sunken to be quickened

without great effort.

Love to all friends

Your Brother

C. G. Finney


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Addressed: Levi Burnell Esqr




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