To William Green Jr.

29 May 1837


[MS in Finney Papers # 1235]

Extract in William Green Jr to Finney, 21 June 1837, referring to a letter from Finney dated 29 May 1837:


I was sorry to read the passage in your letter "I cannot remain a blind leader of the blind, I must see clearly how to conduct convicted professors to Christ"&endash; I was in hopes you had got beyond that. I reconed myself dead unto sin & alive unto God, & believed that Xt would keep me henceforth from sin. & since I was able to do that, I don't know that I have felt any condemnation for Sins &endash; yet I do not say I am free from Sin either, but that I am not sensible of it &endash; All the directing to be given to inquirers, according to my view are, repent & believe in Jesus &endash; but one must experience what it is to believe in Jesus, before he can direct others &endash; I feel that the wisdom that is spoken of as necessary to instruct inquirers, is all folly &endash; that any one who knows by experience what repentance & faith is, is qualified to direct inquirers to Xt. &endash;