To John J. Shipherd

c. October 1835


[MS in Letters Received by Oberlin College 1822-1866, Microfilm Roll 2. Finney's note to Shipherd, in italics here, is endorsed in pencil on a letter of M. W. Hopkins to Finney.]


Addressed: Rev. C. G. Finney

Oberlin Colge Institute

Lorain Co



Postmark: Byron NY

29 Sept



Albion Sept 22. 1835.

Dear Brother Finney

I wish to make some inquiries respect

ing your Institute and colony. I think that

we shall like to come with our family as

soon as we can dispose of our little property to

advantage - we have a large family which need

educating, and we wish to prepare them for

usefullness as much and as far as we have means

hoping that we shall always remember our de-

pendence on God for his blessing on those

means - Will you be good enough to write

me soon and answer the following inquires

What is the price of improved farms within

from half a mile to a mile from the school

with a given quantity of improvements to which

you will describe. &endash; what is the principle

sail and Timber - Is it probably healthy

for families from this part of the country &endash;

What is the price of Village lots of a given size.

- How young are children into your school

- What is the price of tuition - Does any

body raise silk worms - If we should go

by water at what place should we land -

What is the population of your Village -

How many stores have you there -

What are the principles of retrenchment

established or practiced with regard to dress,

diet &c. My oldest son Henry R. is

at Geneva preparing for college with the

[page 2]

Ministry in view, is 25 years of age and is as-

sisted by the presbyterian Edn society - Now

sir would you advise him to go through a

regular course at college. and if he should

come to Oberlin how will he furnish himself

with cloths books &c -


Write us as much about your colony,

school, state of improvements, of religion &c

as you have time, as my family (especially

Wife and Daughters) feel deeply interested

to learn all about it. - do you have inter

esting prayer meetings. &endash; all seems to be dead

and frozen in religion in this region at

present remember me affectionately

to your Lady, Brother Mahan and Lady

wishing you grace mercy & peace

I remain yours in the best of bonds

M. W. Hopkins


Br Shipherd will you read

this & answer it as you go

along & drop the letter at

Byron. The writer is a good

& an interesting man

C. G. F.