To the Trustees of the Oberlin Collegiate Institute

30 June 1835


[MS in the Finney Papers # 1175]

Addressed: To the Board of Trustees of the

Oberlin Collegiate Institute



Endorsed: Mr Finney's Acceptance of his appointment as Professor of Theology in the Oberlin Institute.



To the Board of Trustees of the Oberlin Collegiate Institute.

Dr. Br. I have recd. the Official notice of my appointment to the professorship

of theology in your Institution, & after much prayer & consideration

I feel prepared to say, that upon the following conditions I will

accept the Appointment.

1. That, on consulting with the faculty & making the best arrangements

I can for the instruction of my class, I have leave of absence to

labor either as Pastor or as an Evangellist among the churchs

so much of my time as in my own judgement shall be best

calculated to promote the interests of the Redeemers Kingdom.

I must insist upon this condition, for the following reasons.

1. I can not leave my people in New York without returning

and laboring with them a part of each year

2. With this condition they consent that I should go.

3. I do not think it will be either necessary or best for me

to spend all my time in teaching theology. It is a

settled truth in my mind, that unless a professor of

theology spend a considerable portion of his time, in

the active duties of the ministry he is wholly unquallified to

train young men up to the spirit of the age. Until I shall

have made the experiment, I can not tell how much

of my time it will be necessary to give up to teaching, or

to preaching, & therefore must be the judge after I shall have

made the experiment.

2. The second condition is that you procure sufficient funds to put

the Institution beyond the pressure of pecuniary embarrassments, &

provide sufficient accommodations for students &c.

3. And thirdly that the Trustees give the internal control of the

school into the hands of the Faculty & leave it to their discretion

to admit or reject those who in their judgment shall be proper subjects

for admission or rejection irrespective of color. If your Board consent

to these conditions, as I understand they are willing to do, you

may if you please record my acceptance of the appointment.

Your Brother in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Oberlin 30th June 1835. C. G. Finney