To Lane Seminary

9 May 1833


[Autograph signed letter in Lane Seminary Records, Cincinnati Historical Society.]

Perhaps Finney's closest friend during his Oberlin years was his colleague, John Morgan. Morgan first got to know Finney in New York in 1829.

James H. Fairchild wrote:

After graduating in 1826, Mr. Morgan went to New York City, where he was employed as a teacher in a school for young women, and at the same time pursued the study of Theology, without any instruction, so far as is known.

It was during these years that Mr. Finney came to New York, after his remarkable evangelistic career through the State, and John Morgan became interested in him and in his preaching; and thus the two men were early brought together who were to be so intimately associated in their life-work. George Wilson, the fellow-printer and friend, at Utica, seems to have had the responsibility of introducing them to each other.


Morgan, himself, recollected:

I first heard him preach in the Brick church, when Dr. Spring was absent. Not long after that, he began his preaching in Vandewater street. ... I was profoundly interested in his preaching, and regarded it as far superior to that of any other preacher in the city. The high intellectual cast of his preaching particularly struck me; and as I became better acquainted with him, I was more struck with the fact that his mind was of a high order.


When Morgan was subsequently recommended as an instructor at Lane Seminary in Cincinnati, Finney supplied a testimonial.


I am acquainted with Mr.

John Morgan, & from his known

reputation, added to my personal

knowledge, I am fully satisfied

that he is a gentleman of

uncommon talents & extensive

literary & philosophical attain-

ments, that he is a ripe scholar,

a gentleman and a christian,

without reproach & worthy of all

confidence in any post which

the providence of God may call

him to occupy

Joshua Leavitt

N.York May 9, 1833


I have had considerable contact with Mr. Morgan,

&, so far as I am quallified to judge I most cordially

concur with the sentiments expressed above by Mr. Leavitt.

New York 9th May 1833. C. G. Finney