To George Barrell Cheever

15 March 1833


[Autograph signed letter in Cheever Family Papers, American Antiquarian Society]


Addressed: Rev. George B. Cheever




Postmarked: NEW YORK MAR 15




New York 15th March 1833.

Dr. Br. Cheever.

Your letter came to hand yesterday,

& I must reply in few words.

My health is still feeble, though I have been preaching a good

deal for some time past. Between 4 & 500 whose names &

places of residence we know, have recently indulged the

hope of eternal life in our meetings, besides we have reason

to believe that many more, whom we do not know have been

converted. Cases [of this kind] are often comming to our knowledge.

They are scattered all over the city some have joined our church &

some another & many have not yet joined any where.

a considerable proportion will probably join us at

the Chapel. God is still with us. though my health is so

poor that I am unable to preach so much as is necessary

in order to keep up an excitement in this city.

With regard to comming to Salem, I can not say

definitely what will be duty some weeks hence. I am expecting

to leave New York as soon as I can get some one to take my

place & travel in the country for my health. It is possible

that I may come that way but it is so uncertain, that

you must not depend upon it. If my health is not

decidedly improved, I shall, God willing, leave the city

to spend the warm weather as soon as that comes on whether

I find one to take my place in the mean time or not.


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Mrs. F. joins in cordial christian salutations to Br. Cheever.

Yours in the fellowship of the gospel.

C. G. Finney


So far as we know Finney did not go to Salem at this time, but many years later he did preach for Cheever. By that time Cheever had become a leading Congregational clergyman and was pastor of the prestigious Church of the Puritans in Brooklyn, and well known as a reformer and antislavery agitator. Finney preached for him in April 1858.