To Theodore Dwight Weld

30 November 1832


[Autograph letter in Weld-Grimke Papers, William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan. Published in Barnes and Dumond, Weld Grimke Letters, pages 91-92.]

The following letter to Theodore Weld is in Nathan Beman's handwriting. It was probably written from New York. The letter is mutilated at the bottom of the page. Finney's writing is in italics:

Nov. 30th 1832

I am much disappointed in not meeting

you in this city; but must endeavour to effect by letter

what I intended to do by personal conference. We have de

termined, if the Lord will, to build a new School, low

Church, new measure, manual labour Theological Sem-

inary in the neighbourhood of Troy immediately. But

we cant stir one inch without you. We want you

for two purposes. One is to give us hints & plans &c. and

the other to put a mighty lever under Albany and

Troy, & turn them over that we may find where the

money is buried. In plain English, you must come

up & give us a course of Lectures on the sub-

ject of manual labour institutions as soon as

you can get to us. We intend to strike a blow,

& a heavy one too at once; but your services are

vital to our enterprise. Write me at Troy on

the reception of this, & say when you will come. Your

expenses will of course be bourne, & we will do

any thing else you say as to compensation; but

I have no doubt, that your

am urged by every body I have

seen of late to get you to visit us. Br. Finney's

opinion, which you must value, you have below.

[page 2]

Now Br. Weld. If you want to see ministers

made of the right stamp lend a hand a

to this enterprise. This is work that must be done

& be done by you. No one else can do it.

Dont now I beseech you by the love of Christ

not to say nay. If ever you had the opportu

nity to do immense good in a short time this

is that opportunity. You have the whole subject

before you, It will not hinder you much.

Come on then without delay. You had

better come at once so that you can have

done there before the river closes.

Now such men have taken hold of this,

that it is infinitely important that they

have all the necessary help at once.

Brs. Beman & Kirk are the right men as you

know. But they must have you with

them to start this thing by a few lectures

& a few hours conversation upon

the modus &c &c.