To George Smith Boardman

9 April 1831


[Autograph signed letter in Gratz Manuscripts of American Clergy, Case 9, Box 7, Historical Society of Pennsylvania Library.]


Auburn 9 April 1831.

Dr. Br. Boardman.

Your letter came to hand

yesterday, to which I must reply in a word.

Last week an individual was after me to go

to Adams. I am called in so many direct

ions that it is difficult to determine the path

of duty. Two Delegates are now here, one

from Cooperstown & one from N.York City.

Two were here a day or 2 since form Utica.

Day before yesterday 2 from Buffalo & so from

many other places. I feel very much at a loss

to know where I ought to go, even [should] I decide

upon leaving here at present, which is very

difficult, as the work is daily increasing.

I desire to visit my father in your Co.

who is very ill & hope it will be consistent

with duty in a very short time. If I

should come into that county to see him

I will if consistent with duty, call & see

you at least, & if I am, when there,

convinced that it is of more importance

to the Kingdom of Christ that I should

labor in that region awhile than elsewhere

I should be gratified, as that county is

the place of my spiritual nativity.

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Next week I must attend a 3 days meeting

at Geneva, Deo Volente from where I expect to go

to Rochester after my family, & if I come into that

county to see my father I hope to be able to come

soon after my return from Rochester.

I am so hard pressed so many different

ways that it is not certain that I may go

even "to bury my father". I know your region

is important & particularly your place & if I can

feel that the Lord says enter that door I am

not only willing but should enter joyfully.

I must make up my mind from what data

I can gather, as to the comparative importance

of the different fields before me & the the prospect

of the most extended usefulness. I shall pray over

this subject & hope the Lord will direct me.

Yours in the fellowship of the gospel.

C. G. Finney

Rev. Geo. S. Boardman