To Theodore Dwight Weld

17 March 1831


[Autograph manuscript in the Weld-Grimke Papers, William L Clements Library, University of Michigan.]


Auburn 17th March 1831

Dr. Weld.

I started to go to Schenectady

Albany & N.York. Am here & know not

what to do. Have preached several times.

Br. Hopkins & people first made a set upon

me to stay. Next a committee from the Seminary

backed them up, & lastly a written request

was sent in signed by a great number

of the impenitent modestly but earnestly

urging me to stay. Have concluded to stay

over another Sabbath. May stay longer &

may not. Inter nos. All hands.

Dr. Richards & all, I am told, are going

to call Beman here. Will not Hopkins

do them? I want you to write immediat[e]ly

to Mahan & tell him about Whitesboro

as he is waiting to hear from them.

Tell him just how the matter stands.

Want to go to N.York, as I was going

into Arthur Tappan's family to live

& might draw his attention to your

school. Great press in N.York for me

to come. Your Brother.

C. G. Finney