To George Washington Gale

16 February 1831


[Autograph letter in William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan. The letter was published in part in Barnes and Dumond, Weld-Grimke Letters, page 13, note 8.]

Early in February 1831, Finney received a letter from George W. Gale dated, Whitesboro 29 January, now missing from the Finney Papers. The Calendar gives the contents: "Belief Finney can do more staying in Rochester than in Utica where he will be invited. How to spread the popularity of the school to the Rochester district. Great hopes for it. Weld's activities for the school. A revival in Clinton."

Finney replied as follows:


Rochester 16th Feb.1831.

Dr. Br. Gale,

I recd your letter some days since.

have been so overwhelmed with labors as to be

unable to answer hitherto. & now must reply in a

word. I have just seen the 2 Kings one from Greece

& the other from Bloomfield. Weld knows them. I brot up

the subject they said you must not want for

funds. One of them said that he had conversed

with Bushnell a wealthy man at the mouth of

the river who said the same, that if you wanted

funds to call on him.

I told them that you thought of comming

here, they said that so far as they are

concerned it is wholly unnecessary.

Those 3 men ought to give, & if a right method

is taken, I think will give 3000 dollars.

What you could do here, I dont know. Agents

swarm here. A mighty press is made upon

them for money. Many 1000 dollars have been

raised here of late. That object is vastly

popular here. I was opposed to Welds going

away. He had things in such a train here

that a few more weeks [could] have secured all

the funds you need, this I told him at

the time & I am of the same opinion still

He broke off right in the commencement of

operations. But I could not pursuade him

to stay any longer.

Since he has been gone so many things have

been before the publick that I dont know what can

be done further for that object at this time.

[page 2]

I should think that were he in this region

he might do much more by going from

Town to Town, but whether any body else would

do much just now I dont know.

I should be glad to see you here, but it is not

probable that I shall remain here many days

longer if I can see it duty to get away.

Am pulled many ways. Dont know where to go.

Were it not for the state of this region I

would go to N.York. Deo Volente.

Our little Helen is very ill.

Love to your Dr family & to all the

holy brethren. Yours in great haste.

C.G. Finney

Work of God increases here of late.

Divine influence increases all over this region.

Many thousands are hoping & many thousands

more are under conviction.

Ministers & churches rising. The wicked astounded

& nulled. The work has spread in a most astonishing

degree. It is all over several counties here.