To Alexander Bryan Johnson

26 January 1828


[Transcribed in Alexander Bryan Johnson, "Autobiography", Vol. 5, (1864), p. 251, MS in Hamilton College Library, Clinton, New York. Extract published in Charles L. Todd and Peter Sonkin, Alexander Bryan Johnson, Philosophical Banker (Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1977), p. 158.]


Alexander Bryan Johnson was president of the Oneida Evangelical Association who employed Finney. In his "Autobiography" Johnson wrote:

As was, however, usual in such cases, after existing nominally for about two years, the society became extinct; though during its existence it answered the purpose for which it was instituted; nor were we without some good fruits, as we were assured by a letter to me from our agent the said Finney; who said, "Your society may have the satisfaction of having been instrumental in rescuing the church and society at Stephentown (P.A.) from the brink of ruin, and throwing around them prospects for time and eternity; a radiance which had never before cheered and encouraged their hearts; and they are about settling a young man of whom they speak in the highest terms.

Yours most affectionately

C. G. Finney["]


Finney later received a letter from Johnson, dated Utica, 14 February 1828, in which Johnson wrote: "Your communication of the 26th Ulto was recd. by me some days since & is highly gratifying to the members of the Evang Society, & to all your friends in this region who have seen it." The letter quoted in his "Autobiography" would appear to be the letter to which Johnson was replying, in which case its date was 26 January 1828. Finney was then in Philadelphia.